Senior Management

Our Senior Management is responsible for day-to-day management of the Group’s business by implementing the policies and strategies set by the Board. Each of them has wide experience and expertise in his/her respective field.
CHEN Dexin
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Chen, professorate senior engineer, completed his postgraduate studies in Economics and Management, an Executive Director of the Company since January 2014. He is currently the Vice President of the Jinchuan Group. He joined the Jinchuan Group in July 1994 and since then has been consecutively responsible for the mining technology and management of Jing Hang Engineering Company (井巷工程公司) of the Jinchuan Group , No. 2 Mine ( 二礦 區) of the Jinchuan Group and No. 1 (Longshou) Mine (龍首礦) of the Jinchuan Group. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of Metorex (Proprietary) Limited (“Metorex”), an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. Mr. Chen was the acting chief executive officer of Metorex from April 2015 until June 2016. He has extensive operation and management experience in the mining industry. He is also a non-executive director and the deputy chairman of the board of Wesizwe Platinum Limited since 2011, a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the Republic of South Africa (the “South Africa”).
Executive Vice President
For over 25 years, Mr. Zhang Zhong, EMBA, a senior engineer, has consecutively served as the head of the computer center of the Jinchuan Group, the director of the research institute of automation, liaison officer on overseas projects of the Jinchuan Group, head of the information centre of the Jinchuan Group, the president of Gansu Jinchuan Jin Ge Mining Vehicles Company Limited (甘肅金川金格礦業車輛有限公司), a Sino-German joint venture, the president (and general manager) of Jinchuan Group Mechanics Manufacturing Limited (金川集團機械製造公司) and the general manager of the planning and development division of the Jinchuan Group. He has extensive operation and management experience in the mining industry and related areas. Currently he is also the general manager of Jinchuan Group (HongKong) Resources Holdings Limited and the managing director of China-Africa Jinchuan Investment Limited.
Senior Vice President - Trading
Mr. Peter Deneen, has over 20 years of experience as a metals trader, formerly based in Beijing as a permanent resident and chief representative of Cometals, a division of Commercial Metals Company (NYSE: CMC). He later headed up Samsung America’s worldwide alumina team, a major supplier to the Chinese aluminum industry. Mr. Deneen also knows the copper industry, having traded copper concentrates and cathodes for many years, and was a former director of Erdmin, a Mongolian refined copper producer. He holds a master’s degree in International Management (M.I.M) from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), and a B.A. in Chinese Studies and economics from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Mr. Deneen is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
So Yee Kwan
Company Secretary
Ms. So Yee Kwan, is a Manager of Corporate Services of Tricor Services Limited, a global professional services provider specializing in integrated Business, Corporate and Investor Services.

Ms. So has over 12 years of experience in the corporate secretarial field. She has been providing professional corporate services to many Hong Kong listed companies as well as multinational, private and offshore companies. Ms So is currently the company secretary / joint company secretary of four listed companies on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, namely, China Child Care Corporation Limited 中國兒童護理有限公司 (stock code: 1259), Sunfonda Group Holdings Limited 新豐泰集團控股有限公司 (stock code: 1771), PW Medtech Group Limited 普華和順集團公司 (stock code: 1358) and S. Culture International Holdings Limited 港大零售國際控股有限公司 (stock code: 1255).

Ms So is a Chartered Secretary and an associate of both The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the United Kingdom. Ms So received a Bachelor’s degree in
International Business Management from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and a Master of Arts in Professional Accounting and Information Systems from City University of Hong Kong.