Mineral & Metal Trading

As part of our strategy to expand our business in the mining and minerals sector, Jinchuan International engages in international trading of selected raw materials such as copper concentrates, copper blister, cobalt and other related raw materials.

The copper concentrates that we sourced from Mongolia, North and South America, were sold to Jinchuan Group under arm’s length commercial contracts. From Zambia, we purchased copper blister and supply it to a number of third-party customers in China for further refining into downstream copper products. Other traded products, such as copper cathode is also sold on a third-party basis to counterparties in China and other parts of Asia.

Since 2012, our trading segment has contributed to the revenue of the Group. In concert with the mining and production operations of the Metorex Group, our trading activities help to diversify our income base and expand our presence in the international metals and mining arena. In the future, we expect to continuously grow our business volume and diversify into new products and new markets as conditions permit.