Major Shareholder

Jinchuan Group, the ultimate holding company of Jinchuan International, is a state-owned Chinese enterprise, founded in 1958, with its majority equity interest held by the People’s Government of Gansu Province.
Boasting some of the world’s best known mines of nickel sulfides associated with cobalt sulfides, Jinchuan Group is a leading nickel and cobalt producer in the world, as well as one of the largest producers of copper and platinum group metals in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”). In terms of product output in 2013, the Jinchuan Group was the fourth largest nickel manufacturer and the second largest cobalt manufacturer in the world, and the third largest copper manufacturer in China as well as the largest platinum group metal manufacturer in the PRC in terms of product output in 2013. For more information about Jinchuan Group, please visit the company website at